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Annual Meeting 2018 - Creche & Pre-School Neervely

Posted on 13 Apr 2018 by Admin
Mridangam/Vocal Arangetram of Aruyan Sothilingam & Tharsika Panchadcharam

Posted on 11 Aug 2017 by Admin
மாட்டு வண்டி சவாரிப் போட்டி - நீர்வேலி

Posted on 17 May 2017 by Admin
Abinayalaya Natyalayam 20th Annual Dance Recital

Posted on 27 Apr 2017 by Admin
General Meeting 2017 - பாலர் பகல் விடுதியயும் முன்பள்ளியும் சமுதாய முன்னேற்றக் கழகம் நீர்வேலி

Posted on 12 Apr 2017 by Admin
Vaalaiyadi Vaalai 2016 Photo Gallery

Posted on 22 Jan 2017 by Admin
சீ.சீ.த.க பாடசாலையில் பரிசளிப்பு விழா

Posted on 03 Jan 2017 by Admin
Congratulatory message from NWAC President to

President 2016-2017

Congratulations to for completing four years of success. have achieved tremendous growth and have built eminent goodwill in the community. have always tried to provide the best services to its viewers. Its services are always marvelous and appreciable. Neervely Welfare Association-Canada is proud to have your connection and look forward to continue in the future.

On-behalf of Neervely Welfare Association-Canada, Congratulations for your wonderful journey of 4 years of success and hope you reach to new heights in the future. I wish you all the success for many more years to come.

Your Truly,

P. Jegan
President 416-999-8411

Posted on 04 Dec 2016 by Admin
Invitation: Bharatha Natya Arangetram

Posted on 18 Aug 2016 by Admin
Inviation: Vocal Arangetram of Nivetha Kaneshaiah

Inviation: Vocal Arangetram of Nivetha Kaneshaiah

Posted on 03 Aug 2016 by Admin

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