Letter From Attaair Hindu Principal Mr. R.Kunanathan
Neervely Attaair Hindu College Principal R.Kunanathan recently sent a letter to Neervely Welfare Association Canada President Mr.Jeeva Gopalasingam thanking the entire committee members for renovating the 125’ x 25' years old class room at Attaair Hindu College. A copy of that letter is posted below. Pictures of the renovated building have been published at Neervely.ca in May 2010.

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Neervely Welfare Association Canada Funds Building Renovation at Attair Hindu College
NWAC recently donated funds necessary to renovate a building at Attair Hindu College, Neervely. The building renovation was completed recently and we received the pictures of the renovated building from the principle. An estimated amount of Rs.1241000 was spent on this project. Full details of this expense will be posted soon.

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"Long Live Neervely Welfare Association Canada"

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Neervely Welfare association Canada’s 2010 Scholarship Awards

புலமைப் பரிசில் திட்டம் - நீர்வேலி கிராமப் பாடசாலைகள்

neervely schloarship

Award Ceremony Venue: Attiar Hindu College, Neervely
Date: 20.12.2009

Neervely Welfare association Canada’s 2010 Scholarship Award Ceremony took place on Dec 20th 2009 at Attiar Hindu College, Neervely. The awards were given to students from various Neervely Schools.

Schools: Attiar Hindu College, யா/கரந்தன் இராமப்பிள்ளை வித்தியாலயம்,
நீர்வேலி றோ.க.தக பாடசாலை, யா/நீர்வேலி சி.சி.தக பாடசாலை, யா/நீர்வேலி தெற்கு இ.த.க பாடசாலை.

A total of 43 Schloarship awards were handed out to students from schools listed above. For a complte list of Student and their pictures click here

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President Message
Dear Readers, People who have their origins rooted in Neervely and who are now permanent residents of Toronto, (Canada) realized the need for an Association in Canada to enhance the Welfare of our Neervely Schools and also here in Canada to avail a platform to indulge in recreational activities, cultural events etc. Accordingly with the joint initiative of Messrs.S.Kathirgamathamby,S.K Bales & K.Sivathasan decided to form an association. Subsequently Messrs S.Sivalingam, K.Sivathasan, K.Arunthavanathan & A.Mathithayan registered “The Neervely Welfare Association Ontario” in August 1999 and this was renamed by Messrs. S.Balasingham, J.Gopalasingam, P.Pathmanathan & Ms.J.Varatharajan in October 2008 as "Neervely Welfare Association Canada" with the concerned ministry of Ontario, Canada. The creation of this association was welcomed by almost all our members living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and abroad. Currently our association has about 165 members.

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